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                                                                        End of the Year 2016 Newsletter     

Dear Friends & Supporters of Salem,

Greetings from PNG in Jesus blesses Name. Jesus is the reason from this Christmas Season. This is the second Newsletter from memory since I took over from Aunty Liz in November 2014. Looking back much has happened, and I am looking forward to new things in the future for Salem Training School. I am confident God holds the future in His hands. In the sovereignty of God, there is neither past nor future, and this is why we commit Salem to God who is the owner. On behalf of the Salem Board and the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the prayers and financial support you have given to Salem to train Children workers to reach children for Jesus and disciple them. My hope is that the students will become genuine and radical disciples of Jesus. We pray for God’s blessings on you all as you celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives.


On the 16th October 2016, 8 female students graduated. These girls continued on from the Basic course then went out for three months practical to different local churches in the Eastern Highlands and Morobe Provinces. This year the students practical changed from 3 months to 2 months because of the arrival of the Burnside Elim team, NZ. After their 2 months practical they returned to Salem with good testimonies. The girls returned for the Advanced Course and persevered to the end graduating with certificates. We are anticipating more good students next year.

The NZ team did a wonderful job of printing all the certificates and banners leaving little for Aunty Liz and myself to do. Pastor Andrew Garret from Burnside Elim was the Graduation guest Speaker. I will not say much about NZ team because Aunty Liz covered their visit in her recent Newsletter. The team were a great blessing to many churches, to the University students as well as the Salem staff. There is a new excitement of the playing of Ukulele’s at Salem. We pray that the learning and playing of the ukulele will continue. The graduation went very well and the students parted with tears and their goodbyes, and see you later.

Staff Changes and reshuffle

Next year 2017, Jen will be studying in NZ for 4 months at CBM She is doing an international leadership course in children ministry facilitated by CBM (Children Bible Ministry). Some of you would be wondering why Jen is not continuing with the university studies! The reason being, Jen found the course a bit too difficult having been away from studies for a number of years. With the Salem Board’s understanding of her situation they gave her permission, to discontinue her university studies at this time and maybe in the future she can possibly pick it up again. With Jen not around for the Basic course, Hilda will be taking on more responsibilities. Ruth joined us at the beginning of this year and she will be taking on some teaching responsibilities helping Hilda out. I, will be taking on more responsibilities with English grammar, however, I would like to see a more qualified English teacher either within PNG or a great mission opportunity for someone to come over for a month or two from Australia or NZ. This could be an opportunity for a retired English teacher to come on a short term mission! Next year we are including Computer training as part of the curriculum which will be my responsibility as well as Overview of the Old & New Testament. I am also doing the administration and supervising infrastructure work. Pastor Denver will be responsible for the property maintenance and management of the bookshop. We also have a permanent casual carpenter who is responsible for the buildings and other infrastructure projects. Next year Helen an ex-Salem student who has gained a diploma in Early Childhood at the University Of Goroka will be helping in the basic course.

Sustainability project

We are still talking and looking into a viable business that will bring income to help sustain Salem financially when support from NZ ceases. For the churches and individuals who have been supporting Salem financially in this time of transition we want to say a special thank you and encourage you to continue with your financial support until we can support ourselves. For now we are not yet able to be independent financially. With your help we have been able to provide a wage especially for our teaching staff.

Well Drilling

In my the last newsletter, I mentioned about the well drilling. The well that was dug was filled with sand. Finally the drillers returned and drilled another well which was the third well. The Burnside Elim team

arrived at the time when we needed to install the new pump into the well. Ps Andrew, Dave and I and others installed the new 1.1kw submersible pump and there was much joy when much water shot up in the air from the underground water. However, it was working for couple weeks and then it broke down. I sent it back to Madang where we purchased it. However, we have since heard of others who have bought pumps from the same company, and have had problems with their pumps. I have been advised to buy one from NZ or Australia. I have already emailed the specifications to NZ and would ask that you would pray with me for the finance and the possibility of having a pump sent from NZ. We really do need water.

Computer & Library Room for Student.

Finally, we have a computer and a Library room ready for students to use. been no place for storage or a generator house, the Computer and Library room had been used for storage tools etc. Thanks to a team from Cornerstone Bible School who visited Salem for two weeks and contributed financially and helped put up the new buildings for the store-room, workshop and generator house. I had spent 10 years

at Cornerstone with my family in Biblical studies.

The library and computer room will coincide with the introduction of Computer training and will be a part of Salem’s Teaching curriculum for the years to come. We are planning to stock as many books as possible for students learning. English learning especially writing and speaking is very poor. We will encourage students to read lots of books to help them in their reading comprehension, writing and oral expression. This also coincides with the introduction of English grammar and phonics.


Computer Technician Training

In the months of November & December we ran a computer Technician Course for school leavers who wish to become a computer tech and also for the working class who wish to learn computer skills. One of the ideas of Salem is up skilling unemployed youths with trade skills. 17 students attended and graduated with a certificate of Attendance. Most of the students the working class and unemployed youths are from surrounding villages. We really wanted to connect to the community and shared the gospel and God answered our prayers. The Gospel has been shared when the opportunity was there.

Thank you for taking this time to read this newsletter. Next year I will try and do a Quarterly Newsletter. You have a blessed Christmas and New Year in the Lord. Below are some of our prayer points.


  1. 1.Thank you for your prayers. We had good a year with 8 girls only and the school year went well and it is coming to the end of the year . A team from Burnside Elim visited us with so many Ukuleles and ministered to us with the Word of God. They assisted and helped with the Graduation. Ps Andrew was the Guest speaker. The Aussie team also visited Salem laying the foundation and walls of the shed. They enjoyed some recreation climbing the highest mountain in PNG.

  2. 2.Please continue to pray for Jennifer as she goes to NZ for 4 months study after she discontinued her Uni studies.

  3. 3.Praise for Ruth- as she takes on teaching responsibilities in some topics in the Basic and Advanced Courses.

  4. 4.Helen will be teaching as well. Please pray for both of them.

  5. 5.Please pray for Hilda as she takes on more responsibilities from Jennifer. Pray for strength and courage.

  6. 6.Pray for Jacob as he also takes on extra responsibilities in the absence of Jennifer. Wisdom in the decision
    and running of the school and other staff of Salem as well.

  7. 7.Pray for the Board and the manager to look at the viable business opportunities that will generate income
    towards sustaining the school in the long term.

  8. 8.Please pray finance to purchase the right submersible pump.

  9. 9.Pray that Next year, we will pursue the Land title aggressively and we will not settle until we have the title.

  10. 10.Pray for the 2017 students. 13 have already submitted their applications.

  11. 11.Continue to pray that we will be united as a staff, submitting to one another and work together as a strong
    team to deliver what is best for the students. May the Lord Bless. Love you all and thank you again for your prayers and support.
    Jacob Dinoke